MessageDesk makes it easy for users to stay in compliance as it automatically tracks if customers have voluntarily opted out. How exactly MessageDesk does this is detailed below.

How to Manage Opted Out Customers

  1. The first time you text a customer with MessageDesk, they will automatically receive a default message that reads "Hello from 'OrganizationName'. Reply STOP at any time to opt-out. Message and data rates may apply.

  2. When a Customer Opts-Out, MessageDesk will automatically alert you via a notification.

  3. MessageDesk will prevent you from texting customers who have opted out of receiving texts.

  4. To reach out to a contact who has opted out, simply call or email them and let them know all they have to do is reply to your MessageDesk phone number to start receiving text again.

MessageDesk automatically manages all of your contacts and their respective compliance.

To manage your Opt-in and Opt-out message navigate to Settings -> Opt-In/Opt-Out messages or read more here.

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