How to Upload and Share Media with Your MessageDesk Contacts

MessageDesk makes it easy to upload and share media with your contacts from any device. You can upload a document or file directly from anywhere including the Inbox, Broadcasts, Autoresponders, Templates, and Invoices modules. You can also view, add, and delete all media in the Media module.

How to Add Media to a Text Message via MMS:

When you are in a conversation, you can add an image by clicking the "Insert Media" icon.

You will need to upload the file you would like to send to MessageDesk before attaching it. To do so, click "Add New File" when you click on the "Insert Media" icon or, go ahead and upload it in the Media module.

If you need more help with MMS read the article below:

How to Add Media to a Text Message via Hyperlink:

  1. Click the Paperclip Icon

  2. Search and select an existing file or add a new file

  3. See a link to the file automatically get inserted into the text message

Click the Paperclip Icon in any message compose box to insert a new file.

Search for and select an existing file or click + Add New File to add a new file.

Note: uploading a file from the inbox while in a 1-on-1 conversation thread will also associate that file with the given contact. You will see this file appear under the Uploaded tab in the contact's information

Once you select your file, MessageDesk will automatically generate and insert a textable bitly short link.

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