Property management is never ending game of communication.

Whether it's generating new tenants, sharing information about existing properties or simply keeping in contact with current tenants - there's a lot to keep track of.

In this article we'll breakdown some of the best ways Property Management firms use MessageDesk:

  1. Texting Rent Reminders with Pay-Now Links

  2. Property / Tenant Specific Notifications

  3. 1-on-1 Messaging for Supporting Tenants as a Team

  4. Text Messaging For Service Request

Rent is due πŸ“†

MessageDesk makes it easy to set up recurring reminders for rent.

Reminder text messages can include links to online payment forms, text-to-pay links or additional information.

Reduce delinquent rent payments by sending out a simple reminder every month. Best part is, once you set a recurring text, you don't have to do anything.

Group by Property/Building 🏠

If you have multiple properties, it can be especially difficult to keep up with who lives where.

We make it easy to manage multiple properties from one device.

Group your tenants by what building they live in, what floor they live on, what house they live in, and etc. From here send group texts without-reply-all notifying contacts of upcoming service or announce new amenities.

MessageDesk also makes it easy to personalize these texts with tags like {{FirstName}}. Or, you can create your own tags like {{ Building Name }} with custom fields.

This way it's easy to stay on a first name basis with your tenants.

By grouping tenants, it makes it simple to send out a broadcast whenever you need to send a message to the people in a building, floor or house.

1-on-1 Messaging for Service, Support and HelpπŸ’¬

If you send out a broadcast to an entire building it does not operate as a normal group text.

Instead, each person receives a private text message and can respond to it which will start a 1-on-1 conversation with you and your team.

Think of it as BCC text messaging.

This way it's easy to answer questions from your tenants and get them immediate support.

Tenants can also message you directly by texting your MessageDesk number if they have any requests or concerns. This makes it easy to keep your tenants happy with good service.

You can also reach out to them individually through your MessageDesk inbox.

Service Notifications πŸ”§

Consider adding another user to your account so your handyman can manage service requests or notify a building or house of a repair.

{{ BuildingName }} is not a default tag that we provide, it is created by creating a Custom Field.

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