We all know that dogs and cats can do no wrong. But their owners, well that's a different story 🀷

Best part about being a veterinarian though is you aren't subject to HIPPA regulations. This means that text messaging can be great ways to share information pet owners.

We make it easy to...

Reduce missed appointments, increase patient satisfaction and maintain contact with all your patients at scale.

Have Real Conversations with Pet Owners ❀️

Who says that you only need to talk to your patients in person?

Stay top-of-mind with patients with yearly checkup with text messages. These messages can remind certain pet owners of things to be mindful of or let them know that their pet is due for a check up soon

In MessageDesk you can schedule these messages in advance - this way when someone visits you can schedule the annual check up message on the spot.

Or consider sending out monthly or weekly health tips to your pet owners.

p.s. {{ PetName }} can be made as a custom field in MessageDesk so you always keep the message personalized πŸ€“

p.s.s We can automate replies to "SCHEDULE" with our Autoresponders. The auto-reply can contain a form link to set up an appointment or notify a teammate to jump on and respond.

Schedule Appointment Reminders πŸ“†

In a recent survey, 53% of people said they forgot to attend or cancel their appointment. Another 28% said they wrote down the wrong date or time, and 24% blamed traffic or work.

You can’t control traffic or work conflicts. However, you can do something about the 81% of missed appointments due to forgetfulness or miscommunication.

Check out our guide to texting appointment reminders.

Use a template like:

This template uses tags and an Autoresponder in order to automate the process of confirming appointments. {{ Pet Name }} is a tag that generated by making a custom field.

Increase Patient Satisfaction 🐢

It is always a good practice as any business to listen to the people you serve. One way to do is by nudging pet owners to leave you a Google Review after their appointment.

In MessageDesk you can schedule post-appointment text messages that have direct links to your online reviews. We find that users who do this get about 5/10 patients to leave a review within 1 day of receiving the text message.

Good Google reviews are vital to any local business. They improve your local search ranking, builds credibility, and gives you feedback on their experience.

If you want feedback that the patient may not want to post publicly, consider Google forms or another way of collecting patient feedback.

Interested in using MessageDesk for your veterinarian office? Set up a demo with us below and we're happy to help you get started πŸ˜„

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