To start your set up with MessageDesk, let's send out a message.

But first, you'll need to upgrade your MessageDesk account or request 500 free trial credits to try it out.

Here is the message compose box where you'll be sending messages from.

There are some key differences between this message compose box and one you may find on your personal phone.

It has access to:

  • Templates (we'll go over these in a later article)

  • {{Tags}} that allow you to insert contact info into messages

  • Message scheduling

Send your first message

First, make sure that you're in the Inbox which you can navigate to in the side navigation.

You can try out sending a message to yourself or one of our staff members. You should see conversations that look like the ones below preloaded in your inbox.

To send a message in one of these conversations, just click on the conversation to open it in your Inbox.

Alternatively, if you want to send a message to yourself, go ahead and click the 'New Message' button. You'll need to create a contact for yourself to send a message, so when you try to search for contacts, select 'Create New Contact.'

Once you are in a conversation, it's time to try sending a message.

Try writing your message in the message compose box and then hit 'Send' whenever you're happy with your message.

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