The content module stores all of the media that you upload to MessageDesk.

Currently, you can upload and store the following file types in your MessageDesk workspace:

  1. jpg

  2. png

  3. pdf

  4. gif

  5. txt

  6. csv

  7. mp4

  8. mov

  9. avi

You can upload files to your general MessageDesk workspace (pictured above) in the media module or you can upload a specific file and associate it with a contact from the inbox under the Uploaded Tab.

How to Upload a New File

From the media click + New File, then select and drag and drop the file(s) you'd like to upload to your MessageDesk workspace.

Search, Sort and Filter Files

You can also search for a file by name and sort files by Newest to Oldest and Important.

Delete a File

To delete a file from your MessageDesk workspace, click on the vertical three dots to the right of the file and click Delete File.

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