I'm going to be honest, CSV's suck. They are cumbersome and not user-friendly like your traditional spreadsheet.

So we've gone ahead and listed some common errors that we find when users try to upload their CSV.

Required Fields

In order to upload your contacts to MessageDesk you have to have the phone number field filled out.

This field must be filled with a 10-digit phone number to work correctly.

Common Errors

  1. Empty Rows: If you find that all or most of your CSV isn't being uploaded then double check that it there aren't any empty rows in your CSV. If there is a completely empty row it will cause the upload to stop

  2. No Headers: Be sure your CSV's first row is labeled with header values such as "First Name", "Last Name", "Default Phone"

  3. Special Character: Make sure none of your rows contain special characters such as: !#$%^&*()

  4. No Extra Commas: Make sure your row values don't use commas. This is common when people upload a "Full Name" field and list it [last name , first name]

If you're having trouble uploading your CSV feel free to email me at josh@snapdesk.app! I'm happy to help you troubleshoot.

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