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Getting Started in MessageDesk

Learn what MessageDesk is, get a features overview, watch a demo and use our 4 step checklist to get started.

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Getting the Right Phone Number

Connect your preferred phone number to MessageDesk and start texting

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Inbox: 1-on-1 Messaging as a Team

The command center of MessageDesk. This is where you and your team manage all your back-and-forth conversations with contacts.

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Broadcasts: 1-to-Many Messaging

Send group texts without "reply all" with static and smart groups. This is "BCC" for text messaging.

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SMS Compliance & SMS Message Delivery

Earn verified SMS delivery by registering your SMS traffic with Carriers through the TCR

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Contacts and Groups

Add, create, edit & sort your contacts in the Contacts module.

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Automatically start and respond to conversations with MessageDesk

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Settings: Manage your MessageDesk account

Manage your MessageDesk account settings including users, custom fields, phone number, subscription and payment settings.

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Send Images, Videos and Files

Use the media module to upload and store images, videos and files in your MessageDesk workspace.

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MessageDesk User Guides

Guides for businesses and organizations that are specific to their daily operations and workflows.

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Plugins & Integrations

Use Plugins to manage your integrations with accounting platforms like QuickBooks Online, Xero and more.

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