A powerful tool that comes with automated messaging is reminders. Better yet, recurring reminders so you never have to worry about sending out a reminder again.

Recurring reminders can be sent for many different reasons. Monthly meetings, events that happen on a regular basis, regular donation texts, etc.

Say you have a special volunteer day every Wednesday @ 9am. Your message template for such an event may look something like this:

Hi, {{ FirstName }}! Join us on Wednesday for our weekly volunteer event. We hope to see you @ 9am. For more info visit [LINK]. We can’t wait to see you!

With MessageDesk you'll be able to schedule messages to groups of contacts to recur over time. So you schedule the message once and MessageDesk can send it every week, month or year at the same time/date.

For more templates, visit our blog page:

Select whatever date and time you want your reminder to go out, for this scenario, let's send out a reminder out every Tuesday @ noon.

Once you have your date and time selected, go ahead and click on the recurrence drop down menu. Since this is a weekly volunteer event, we set it for a weekly recurrence.

Learn more about how to schedule Reminders here:

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