MessageDesk allows you to schedule 1-off and recurring text messages.

How to Schedule a 1-on-1 Text Message

From the Inbox select an open conversation or start a new one by clicking on "New Message".

With message stream and message compose panels open, start typing to compose your message.

You can also insert a pre-saved text message template.

Click the "Calendar Icon" to schedule your text message once you're happy with your message.

Select your Date/Time.

You can schedule a message for a one-time send or set it to recur over time.

Once you're ready, click "Schedule Message" to schedule your text message.

You'll then receive a notification that your message is scheduled. You can filter your conversations at any time to view all scheduled text messages to contacts.

Clicking the "Show Scheduled" slider in the Conversation Stream will show you all messages scheduled for that contact.

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