Using Forms to Collect an Unknown Contact's Information

Update anonymous contacts automatically with contact forms, text a web form to contacts, and how to edit your form.

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Don't know who's texting your business?

Most of the time, when a new contact messages your account you'll only have their phone number. Making it hard for your team to identify if they are legit or not.

It makes your team wonder...

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That's where Contact Forms in MessageDesk come in.

By default, a Contact Form gets sent automatically to any unknown contact when they first text you.

When the contact clicks on the link they'll get asked to fill out the following form:

Meaning you no longer have to deal with just phone numbers.

Instead, the Contact Form will let the contact update their first name, last name and email address. Making it easy for your team to identify "Who" texted your business or organization.

How It Works

When you receive a message from a new contact with no information but a phone number, the Contact Form is triggered.

You can edit the styling of this form by going to Campaigns -> Forms and clicking on Lead Collection Form. You can customize the image, styling, and questions you ask for customers.

You can also turn off the automation by toggling the form off. Watch the video at the end to learn how.

They'll receive an initial "Form Submit Message" that asks them to fill out the Contact Form ⬇️

Once the form is submitted we'll automatically send them a "Thank You" message and hand off the conversation to your team.

Both of these texts can get edited from within Campaigns -> Form -> Lead Collection Form. This is also where you can turn the automated form messages on and off.

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