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The 4 Best Apps to Use With MessageDesk
The 4 Best Apps to Use With MessageDesk

4 add-ons to MessageDesk that make it easy to streamline your workflows

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MessageDesk is a powerful all-in-one platform but that doesn't mean there isn't room for other apps. In fact, our team uses the 4 apps listed below almost every day.

We use them so much - that we wanted to share them with you in hope that these apps help you as much as they've helped us.

1. Zapier

With Zapier, you can connect MessageDesk to over 4,000 different applications. Connecting MessageDesk to your most crucial workflows.

Here are just a few examples of using Zapier:

2. Grammarly (Chrome Extension)

Tired of typos? Add the free Grammarly chrome extension to get auto-spell check anytime you type a message in MessageDesk.

Once Grammarly is installed, you'll get a helpful green icon in the bottom right of your message box:

If you ever type a message with some errors - the green icon will turn red (notifying you of the issues)

When you click on the red icon, you'll get a pop-up that shows you what the errors are

Or you can hover on the red-underlined words to get an inline correction/suggestion

3. Dark Reader (Chrome Extension)

Tired of white backgrounds? Use the Dark Reader free chrome extension to turn MessageDesk dark.

Dark Reader is what our team uses to turn MessageDesk dark mode on - along with other apps.

You can turn on Dark Mode by downloading the free Dark Reader Chrome extension here

4. Text Blaze

Accelerate your typing with Text Blaze - easily insert snippets of text with 1 character

Add Text Blaze to your MessageDesk account for free by installing the chrome extension here.

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