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Keyboard Shortcuts (Hotkeys)

Enable hotkeys in MessageDesk to speed up your workflows.

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Hotkeys can be used to speed up your workflows.

These are combinations of keys on your keyboard that you can use to perform actions in your account.

Plus, they make MessageDesk much more accessible.

Turning on Hotkeys

  1. To turn on hotkeys, navigate to Settings. From there, select Workspace Settings and toggle the 'Enable Hotkeys' settings to on.

  2. Alternatively, you can enable hotkeys by pressing the Ctrl + M keys to access the hotkey menu. Press the tab key until you reach the setting toggle and press the space key.

Hotkey Menu

Below is a menu of all of the hotkeys that are available when they are enabled.

To access the hotkey menu in app, press Ctrl + M.



Inbox (Conversation Feed)

Ctrl + /

Highlight Search

Shift + E

Close/Open Conversation

Shift + N

Mark Conversation as New

Shift + S

Activate/Deactivate Multiselect


Open/Close Contact Profile


Select/Unselect Conversation

Inbox (Message Compose Box)


Activate typing indicator in message compose box

Shift + Enter*

Send Message

Ctrl + Shift

Deactivate typing indicator in message compose box/search bar

Global Hotkeys

Ctrl + [

Select Back Button

Ctrl + Q

Open/Close Navigation Menu

J/K or ↑/↓

Navigate Up/Down list

Enter or Space

Select Active List Item

Command + Enter

Save Input

Ctrl + M*

Open Hotkey Menu

* Shortcut combinations with an asterisk are always on regardless of your Shortcuts being toggled on or off in your Workspace Settings.

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