Frequently Asked Questions

How do I disconnect from Xero?

  1. Navigate to plugins and select Xero.

  2. Check your Connection Status. It should read "Connected"

  3. To disconnect, click the "Disconnect from Xero" button.

  4. MessageDesk will prompt you for your admin password and confirm the disconnection.

What doesn’t MessageDesk's integration with Xero do?

MessageDesk Xero integration syncs contacts and invoices from Xero into MessageDesk. This makes it possible to:

  1. Text contacts

  2. Send invoice reminders with links to Xero invoices

MessageDesk syncs contacts and invoices automatically, both ways, between Xero and MessageDesk.

If you make a change in Xero, you'll see that information reflected in real-time in MessageDesk.

If you make a change to a contact in MessageDesk, then you'll see the change reflected in Xero.

You can also perform a manual data sync at any time by navigating to Plugins -> Xero and clicking the "Sync Now" button

What happens if I delete a contact or an invoice in MessageDesk?

MessageDesk does not delete contact information from your Xero account. To delete a contact or invoice you will need to do so by logging into Xero. This is a deliberate protection we've put in place to preserve and protect your accounting data.

Can I create a Xero invoice inside of MessageDesk?

Currently, no. You can't create a Xero invoice in MessageDesk.

In what regions does MessageDesk serve Xero customers?

Currently, MessageDesk is only available to Xero customers in North America. This includes the United States and Canada.

Does it cost anything extra to integrate with Xero?

No, all of MessageDesk's integrations are free.

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