2. Add your Contacts

Make sure your contacts are added to your MessageDesk account so you have people to text!

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Obviously, it's pretty hard to send a text message if you don't have phone numbers to send them to.

There are three ways to get your contacts into MessageDesk.

1. Add Contacts Individually

You can add individual contacts in by navigating to your Contacts menu.

In the top right corner, there will be an 'Add Contact' button so you can start the process.

Note: The only required field to add a contact to MessageDesk is a phone number.

2. Add Contacts via Import

Navigate to Settings on the left side of your screen and select "Import and Export Contacts."

After selecting "Import Data," we recommend downloading our CSV template to avoid any complications.

The only field that is required for your import will be the phone number row. If your contact data doesn't include a phone number, it won't be able to be imported into MessageDesk.

Once your contact data is ready, go ahead and download your file as a CSV. You can do so by selecting 'File', then select 'Download', and pick the CSV option.

After you have your CSV downloaded to your computer, navigate back to MessageDesk. Select 'Upload .csv file' to upload your contact data to MessageDesk.

Now it's time to match! Computers are only so smart so sometime we have to tell them what means what.

If you don't change the headings on our CSV template, you won't have to match fields at all. To match a field, I select the dropdown menu and click on "Default Phone" to tell the computer: Default Phone = Phone Number.

If you're having trouble getting your contacts imported, feel free to reach out to our support team and we'd be happy to get those uploaded for you.

3. Add Contacts via Quickbooks or Xero integration

Navigate to Settings > Plugins > Quickbooks Online, from the QuickBooks Integration page you can select 'Connect to Quickbooks.'

Once synced, your contact data will be imported to MessageDesk.

Note: When you sync MessageDesk and Quickbooks it is a two-way sync. That means that any contact data that is edited in MessageDesk will be reflected in Quickbooks.

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