Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Invoice Module do?

MessageDesk invoices make it easy to get paid faster by enabling your business use text-2-pay as your primary invoice collection method.

Easily send texts to customers that contain links to your Quickbooks Online or Xero payment portals.

Why isn't my invoice text sending?

Problem: Missing Invoice Links:

This error can occur when your contacts don't have valid email addresses. Quickbooks Online requires customers to have valid email addresses before they create a payment link

Solution: Update your contacts in MessageDesk so they have valid email addresses. When you update the contacts in MessageDesk they will automatically be updated in Quickbooks Online

Problem: Why aren't my invoices showing up in MessageDesk?

Happens when invoices are created manually and don't have valid products, customers, or other required fields in Quickbooks Online or Xero

Solution: Double-check the invoice from inside your Xero or Quickbooks Online account. Make sure there are no errors being throw when you save, update or try to email the invoice to your customer.

How do I connect my invoices to MessageDesk?

  1. Connect your Xero or Quickbooks Online account to MessageDesk

  2. Navigate to the MessageDesk Invoice Module

  3. Start texting invoices

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