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Any office with a front desk, receptionist, or office staff will love these workflows.

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The MessageDesk inbox is a powerful tool for any front desk, dispatch, or receptionist.

There are some things you can customize in MessageDesk to make the Inbox more powerful for the way you'll be using it.

Keep reading to find out how.

1. Turn on the 'Unassign Conversations on Close' Setting

It's a great idea to turn on this setting so anytime you close a conversation, it reverts back to being unassigned.

That way, when the contact texts in again it will be up for grabs for the first person to respond.

You can turn on this setting by visiting your Workspace Settings which are located in your Settings menu.

2. Filter conversations

Everyone has their own way of getting work done, the MessageDesk inbox is no different.

Filters will let you see your conversations the way that you want to see them.

Tip: Try combining filters together. You can select one filter to apply in each category, after you make your selection, click 'Apply Filters'.

3. Turn on the 'Conversation Assignment' Setting

This setting is best used in combination with the 'Unassign Conversations on Close' setting that I mentioned above.


When conversations are unassigned when you close them, the next time someone texts in their conversation won't be assigned to anybody. With this setting enabled, the first person to respond is automatically assigned to the conversation.

Bonus Tips

Consider turning off the Message Preview Setting

By default, the Message Preview is shown before sending every message.

If you want to remove this step when sending a message you can do so in your settings.

Make sure Office Hours are configured for business hours

With the Office Hours plugin, you can set "open" and "closed" or "hours of operation" timeframes for your business or organization.

When a contact texts your MessageDesk workspace during "closed" or "unavailable" or "non-operational" hours, then they automatically get a text message that says something like this:

"Hey there! Thanks for texting us. We're currently away but we'll get back to you as soon as possible."

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