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Shared Inbox Overview
Shared Inbox Overview

The Inbox unifies all your conversations with customers into a single place so that your team can collaborate seamlessly.

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The MessageDesk Inbox is your daily command center for managing conversations as a team.

In this article, we'll go over how to set up your Inbox for success and outline best practices for managing conversations in MessageDesk.

Feel free to keep reading or check out a quick video where I go over everything below πŸ˜ƒ

Setting up your Inbox

1. Connect an existing business landline or choose a new number to text from

By default, MessageDesk provides a unique 800 number for you and your team to text customers from. But, you can always change this number to a local area code or an existing business landline number.

To change the number, just hover over your account's name in the top left corner of the app. Here you'll be able to choose a new local area code or host an existing business landline.

2. Sending a Message

To send your first message just navigate to Inbox and click "New Message" or start typing a phone number into the "To:" box pictured below:

Once a conversation is selected you can start typing a message. When composing a message, you can insert pre-made templates, tags, emojis, and images.

3. Managing Replies

Within the Inbox, you can filter conversations by assignee or message status. This will help you see the right conversations and respond to new messages in an appropriate timeframe.

Statuses Explained:

New: When you've received a new message from the contact. These messages automatically filter to the top of the Inbox

Waiting: When a "NEW" conversation was viewed by a teammate but not replied to. i.e. the contact is waiting for a reply from your team

Replied: When your team has replied to a conversation but not yet Closed the Conversation

Closed: Conversations that have been closed by your team. When conversations are closed, they are removed from your Inbox. To see Closed conversations just update your filter:

4. Managing Conversations

Managing your conversations can help you achieve Inbox Zero.

What does that mean?

It doesn't mean that we want you to not receive messages. It means MessageDesk is going to make it easy to keep your Inbox so clean that at the end of everyday it should be clear.

Here's some of the ways we're going to help you do that:

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