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See how you can customize your messaging experience across your entire account with Workspace Settings.

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Workspace settings are used to establish some key configuration for everyone who is in your account.

You can visit your account's workspace settings by visiting Settings -> Workspace Settings.

Keep reading for a detailed overview of each setting and how you can use them to manage your messages more effectively.

Block Anonymous Calls

This setting is exclusively for those who have call forwarding enabled on their account.

This setting, when enabled will block any calls from being forwarded when the person calling isn't already in your contacts.

This can be useful for eliminating any SPAM calls that come to your MessageDesk number.

Conversation Assignment

This is one of the more essential settings that lives in your Workspace Settings.

Any message that appears in your MessageDesk account will by default be unassigned.

When this setting is enabled, any conversation that is unassigned will be assigned to the first user to reply.

Show Message Preview

Don't like going through the Message Preview every time you send a message?

By disabling the Show Message Preview setting, you can eliminate this step when sending a message to one of your contacts.

That way, when you hit the 'Send' button, the message will be sent right away.

To turn off your Message Preview, navigate to Settings -> Workspace Settings.

Only Receive Assigned Notifications

In MessageDesk, notifications settings are decided by the individual users in the account.

They can decide whether they want browser notifications, push notifications, and more. Though, for a large team, it may be better to have notifications be sent in specific scenarios.

When this setting is enabled, notifications will only be sent to a user when they are assigned to that conversation.

Unassign Conversations on Close

This setting is best used in combination with the 'Conversation Assignment' setting.

When enabled, every conversation that is closed will be set to unassigned.

Which means that the next time that contact texts back in, it will be an unassigned message.

If you have the 'Conversation Assignment' setting enabled alongside this one, when someone responds to that unassigned message it will be assigned to them.

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