MessageDesk believes in the strength and vitality of small businesses (SMBs) and the local economies that they serve. Too many corporate technology providers don’t empathize enough with SMBs. They misrepresent SMB problems as being too varied, too complex, or too trivial - not worth spending time to find viable solutions.

We disagree.

Instead, we build authentic, human solutions to day-to-day, operational problems. These problems include but aren’t limited to invoice and payment collection, appointment reminders, customer service, marketing, and sales messaging.

We believe text messaging is crucial to everyday operations in maintaining a successful business

Text messaging has quickly become the preferred channel of messaging by consumers in the United States. To learn more about text messaging adoption read here.

What can you do with MessageDesk?

If you have a business MessageDesk makes it easy to:

As a nonprofit, you can use MessageDesk to

  • Bulk Text Volunteer Sign-Up Links: Build groups of contacts based on previous event participation and text them links for upcoming event sign-up. Powered by Smart Groups

  • Collect More Donations: Schedule messages to groups of contacts that contain links to donate. Powered by Scheduled Messages feature

  • Coordinate Events: Communicate with your event teams and send them timely updates, reminders, and notifications all via text.

Who else uses MessageDesk?

  • Medical offices

  • Community coordinators

  • Youth sports teams and leagues

  • Fitness professionals, gyms, and instructors

  • Logistics and warehouse staff

  • Legal professionals

  • Accountants and CPA's

Is MessageDesk for you?

If you have questions you'd like answered, join us for an AMA (Ask me anything) webinar and evaluate if MessageDesk is right for you.

What Sets MessageDesk apart?

MessageDesk is a messaging company that empowers small to medium sized businesses and organizations with the educational and technical resources they need to grow. Our tools solve day-to-day communications problems in smarter, simpler, and more delightful ways.

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