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What is MessageDesk?
What is MessageDesk?

MessageDesk is a conversational text messaging platform that helps you and your team communicate with contacts via text message.

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MessageDesk is a shared Inbox that unifies your team and your customers.

Our Inbox connects to your existing business phone line and enables your team to send/receive texts to customers/clients/patients from any device.

Our shared Inbox unifies all your customer outreach into a single place so that your team can collaborate easily.

MessageDesk can handle all your conversation-centric operations. Whether its working 1-on-1 with clients, sending mass-texts for sales and promotions or improving your customer service response times.

Once you get started with MessageDesk, you'll also realize that our team is unlike other competitors when it comes to supporting your growth.

We prioritize your success above all else by providing complimentary training sessions, unlimited support, and 1-to-1 phone calls to answer any questions.

Our ultimate goal as a company is to build authentic, human solutions to day-to-day, operational problems.

What Can you Accomplish with MessageDesk?

  1. Better customer service & support

  2. Run conversational marketing and sales campaigns

  3. Text-enable your business phone line

  4. Collect more 5 star reviews for your business

  5. Run better-recruiting campaigns for hiring your next staff member

Read our full list of best practice guides here.

Who else uses MessageDesk?

  • Small and medium sizes businesses

  • Owner-operators

  • Medical offices

  • Community coordinators

  • Fitness professionals, gyms, and instructors

  • Logistics and warehouse staff

  • Legal professionals

  • Accountants and CPA's

What Sets MessageDesk apart?

MessageDesk is a messaging company that empowers small to medium-sized businesses and organizations with the educational and technical resources they need to grow. Our tools solve day-to-day communications problems in smarter, simpler, and more delightful ways.

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