MessageDesk keeps you and your team connected to contacts, customers, and clients for appointments, scheduling, payments, alerts, and daily operations.

In this guide, I'll walk you through how you can accomplish these results with MessageDesk. First, I'll provide an overview of some popular features and workflows. Then I'll dive into some more powerful examples of how our customers make the most of MessageDesk.

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  1. What Makes MessageDesk Different

  2. The Basics: Core Feature Overview

  3. Need More? Advanced Feature Breakdown

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What Makes MessageDesk Different From Other Texting Apps

MessageDesk makes it easy to incorporate text messaging into your daily business operations. We can integrate with your existing phone line through landline number porting so all texts come from the same phone number customers already know you by.

You can also integrate MessageDesk directly with your website by using MessageDesk Forms - making it easy for website visitors to start text message conversations with your team. Forms can be customized and embedded on any webpage - or feel free to send them directly to contacts via a link (great for social post, email links, in-person sharing).

Or feel free to integrate MessageDesk with over 3,000 existing apps by using our integration with Zapier. We also have direct connections with Quickbooks Online and Xero that make it easy to align text messaging with invoicing and payments workflows.

Interested in learning about how MessageDesk was created by a team of small business owners? Read more about our history here

The Basics: Feature Overview

At MessageDesk, we know that your business's daily operations are at the core of what you do. That's why every feature is designed with ease-of-use in mind so that managing can be as simple as possible for business owners like yourself.

Inbox: 1-on-1 Texting made for Teams

Suggested Read: Inbox Overview Guide

Your business's command center. Centralize all your customer conversations in a shared inbox so teammates can easily chime in on any conversation.

Send SMS and MMS (picture messages) as a team to any 10-digit phone number. Allow teammates to jump into conversations with customers without using their personal devices. Instead, each message comes from your business phone number.

  • Schedule Messages (learn how)

  • Assign Conversations between Teammates (learn how)

  • Personalize Messages with { Tags } & Templates (learn how)

Broadcasts: 1-to-Many Texting Without Reply-All

Suggested Read: Broadcast Overview Guide

Text blast your contacts wtih with promotions, alerts, or notifications. Send group text without reply-all to contacts (like BCC email but for text message). Quickly update & notify your contact list all at once without losing the privacy of a personal text message.

Autoresponders: Automate replies based on Keywords

Suggested Read: Autoresponders Overview Guide

Set up text message keywords campaigns. Automate responses to simple requests and help your team prioritize the most urgent conversations first. Set up keyword replies that auto-trigger responses from your business's phone number.

Great for:

  • Running Marketing Campaigns

  • Automating basic requests about pricing or everyday customer support issues

Need More? MessageDesk Advanced Feature Breakdown

On top of the features above we also provide a series of additional features that make conversational messaging easier for you and your team.

Message Scheduling

Pre-schedule text messages to contacts or groups at recurring frequencies. Great for event or payment reminders.

learn more about message scheduling here -->

Tags & Templates

Templates: Save messages to be used for later. Great for preventing typos from your team or standardizing your customer outreach

Tags: automatically insert customer info like first names, addresses or custom fields into text messages. Great for personalizing your group broadcast messages

Learn more about Tags & Templates in messages here -->

Out-of-Office Automation

Tired of getting texted when you're out of the office? Use MessageDesk to set up auto-replies anytime someone messages you outside of office hours.

Learn more about Out-of-Office Automation here -->

Pro-Tip: Use Keywords in your out-of-office reply to allow the user to find solutions even when no one's online to respond. Learn more about Automated Text Tree's here

What Features do I get with each plan?

Interested in what features you get with your account? Check out our plans and pricing here to see the full breakdown

Need help getting set up? Look no further!

Looking for quick answers? Check out the rest of our learning center content here.

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