As soon as you start an account with MessageDesk you'll have immediate access to simpler, smarter business text messaging.

We create simpler and smarter text messaging through 3 core features

  1. Inbox: Text contacts 1-on-1 as a team from any device

  2. Broadcasts: Start private conversations with groups of contacts all at once

  3. Autoresponders: Automate responses based on keywords

On top of those we also provide a series of additional features that make conversational messaging easier for you and your team.

  • Text contacts 1-on-1 from any device from your business phone number

  • Grow your texting list with embeddable contact forms

  • Insert pre-saved templates, dynamic tags and emojis into any message

  • Scheduling messages for one-off sends or recurring sends (weekly, monthly, annual schedules)

  • Office Hour settings: set automatic replies for when you're out-of-office

  • Smart groups & custom fields: A smarter way to organize contacts

What is each feature for?

Inbox: 1-on-1 Texting for Teams

Inbox enables you to support contacts, create leads and manage conversations from any device. Quickly mark conversations open or closed, assign conversations or update contact info as the conversation progresses.

Broadcasts: 1-to-Many Texting Without Reply-All

Send broadcasts out to groups of contacts to start conversations at scale. A great solution for sharing information, alerts, or notifications to groups of contacts in a private way.

Autoresponders: Automate replies based on Keywords

Generate leads and inbound conversations by automating replies based on keywords. Create campaigns like "Text OFFER to ###-###-#### for a special offer" or "Text DONATE to ###-###-####"

What Features do I get with each plan?

Interested in what features you get with your account? Check out our plans and pricing here to see the full breakdown

How do I get Additional Help?

Looking for quick answers? Check out the rest of our learning center content here

Interested in using the features above but not sure what to do next? Feel free to set up a 1-on-1 meeting with a messaging expert below to find your pathway to success.

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