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Getting Started in MessageDesk
Getting Started with MessageDesk
Getting Started with MessageDesk
Learn about getting a phone number, using the inbox and sending a broadcast
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Hey there! Welcome to MessageDesk.

I'm Josh - the product manager for MessageDesk - and in this brief article, our team will outline the key parts of MessageDesk and provide some guidance on how to get set up successfully.

(If you're not a fan of reading - then you can just watch this quick video too!)

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So what is MessageDesk for?

Unifying your Business into a single phone line.

How do we accomplish this?

We unify your business into a single phone line in 3 major ways:

First, we help you text-enable your existing business landline/phoneline or we provide a new local area code for you.

Choose Business SMS phone number

Second, we unify your team into a single business texting inbox that routes every conversation through your single business phone number

MessageDesk Team Inbox

Third, we enable you to reach contacts at scale with Broadcast messaging, automation, and more.

What makes MessageDesk special?

MessageDesk originates from a small business reality. We created MessageDesk because our own small business struggled to manage text conversations across our employees and their personal cell phones. We needed a better way. So we created MessageDesk.

Today, we service thousands of similar businesses across the United States and Canada that had a similar issue.

Have a similar problem? Our Solutions Team is here to help! Click here to get in touch.

Text Enable your Business Phone Number

Choosing a business phone number is - in our experience - the hardest part of business texting.

Do you use your existing phone number? Or do you use your personal cell phone? Or should you set up a brand new number?

We highly suggest using the phone number your contacts & customers know your business by already. Usually, this means text-enabling your business landline:

But we also make it easy to start fresh with a new local area code phone number.

Unfortunately, MessageDesk is NOT compatible with cellphone numbers.

Shared Inbox: Unify Conversations Across your Team

A text messaging experience made for professionals. Organize, route, and automate conversations across your team using any device.

I go over the Inbox in depth in the video below. There's also a series of resources underneath that link to specific resources for the inbox. Enjoy πŸ˜„

Interested in learning more about our inbox features? Check out the following resources:

Broadcast: Reach hundreds of Contacts at Once with Text Messaging

Reach contacts in mass by using Broadcast in MessageDesk. Broadcast make it easy to send texts to hundreds of contacts at once.

To get started with Broadcast, you'll need to be on our Operator or Team plan.

To reliably send hundreds or thousands of messages, you'll need to register your phone number with Carriers. Registration protects your business and its messaging from being marked as SPAM by the Carrier Network

My colleague Ben (Head of Customer Support) provides a full overview of the Broadcast Module below:

Looking for more? Read the Full Broadcast Overview (Complete Guide)


Congrats! You made it to the end of the article.

As a reward, here are some pro tips to give you an upper hand on the competition πŸ˜‰

1. Inbox Pro-Tips: Personalize, Automate and Organize your way to Inbox Zero

2. Text Message campaigns: learn how to effectively reach 1,000s of contacts with MessageDesk

3. Connect your Tools: Integrate MessageDesk with your existing tools to trigger messages, update contacts or organize your inbox

Need help getting set up? Look no further!

Looking for quick answers? Check out the rest of our learning center content here.

Or, you can click on the Help menu in the bottom left of your MessageDesk account or email

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