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Getting your Team set up in MessageDesk
How to Add Team Members to Your MessageDesk Account
How to Add Team Members to Your MessageDesk Account

Learn how to add team members or users to your MessageDesk workspace.

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In this article, we'll take you through how you can add a teammate to your MessageDesk account.

💡 To see how many teammates you have on your current subscription, you can check your teammates page in the top left. Or, you can navigate to Settings -> Subscription Settings -> Manage Plan.

How to Add a Teammate to MessageDesk

  1. Navigate to the Team page in your MessageDesk Workspace.

  2. Click on the Invite New Teammate icon in the top right.

  3. Enter the Email address of the Teammate that you would like to invite to your workspace.

  4. Choose the Role of your teammate.

💡 What are Roles?

MessageDesk supports 3 levels of permission: Admin, Manager, Operator. Role determines the type of access that a team member will have in your account.


The creator of your MessageDesk account. This person has access to everything and is the only person who can update the account’s subscription. Each account can only have 1 Admin. To change this admin, please email


Has the same level of feature access as the Admin but is not the point of contact for the account. They are prevented from updating the account’s phone number or payment details. This is great for teammates who need all-access to the platform.


Has limited access to MessageDesk features. They are unable to delete or edit existing contacts, create or edit SMS campaigns, and unable to upload contact data in bulk via CSV uploads. This is great for teammates who may need to send a Broadcast, manage the inbox or need to export information from MessageDesk.

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