How to Add Team Members (Users)

To add new team members to your account you will need to be the admin of the account. By default, the admin is the person who created the account.

There are two ways to add a user to your account in MessageDesk.

  1. Email invite

  2. Create a user manually (usually reserved for IT Managers or similar persons in your organization)

Regardless of how you'd like to add a teammate, the process will start out the same.

1. Navigate to "Team" from the left-hand side menu

2. Click the "Add a teammate" button

1. Email Invite

When you invite someone to your MessageDesk account via email, they will receive a link in their email inbox to join the account.

To invite someone, all you need is their email address and know what role you'd like to assign them in your account.

👇👇 We explain different roles below 👇👇

What Are Roles?

MessageDesk allows Admin users to add both Manager and Operator-level teammates.


Can do everything the Admin can do besides update payment information, subscription settings, or make changes to phone numbers


Cannot create new contacts, lists, or templates. They can still text contacts and view contact information, however.

Check out the full breakdown of user permissions.

2. Manually Add a User

When you manually add a user, you are effectively creating their user for them. That's why we generally recommend this option for IT Managers and other administrators of a large organization.

That means you'll set:

  • The email they will log in with

  • Their password

  • First name and last name

  • Phone number (optional)

  • Their profile picture (optional)

Once you enter the required information, you'll need to give them their account info so they know how to log in.

Accepting the Invite

Setting up an account as a team member is even easier.

To start, have a new team member go to their email.

  1. Search for MessageDesk invitation (check your spam folder if you don’t immediately find it).

  2. Click “Accept Invitation”.

  3. They will then get directed to MessageDesk where they will enter their name and create a password.

  4. From here they are all set to start reaching out to your contacts and responding to text messages.

To learn about our multi-user features feel free to check out our article: Text Messaging as a Team

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