MessageDesk Syncs Contacts and Invoices Both Ways, in Real-time with QuickBooks Online

Learn how to connect your MessageDesk workspace to a QuickBooks Online account.

Connecting to QuickBooks Online

Start by navigating to the Plugins module at the bottom left of the MessageDesk app.

Select QuickBooks Online from the options in Plugins.

Click "Connect to QuickBooks" to connect your accounts and sync data with authorization through your Intuit Account.

Your accounting data including contacts and invoices will begin syncing with MessageDesk once the connection is established. MessageDesk will send you a notification once the sync is complete and successful.

Manually Triggering a Sync with QuickBooks Online

Start by navigating to the "Plugins" module in your left-hand MessageDesk navigation.

Click on "QuickBooks Online" to edit the connection settings.

To sync your already connected MessageDesk workspace with QuickBooks Online click "Sync Now".

MessageDesk will then dispatch a manual sync request to fetch your contacts and invoices from QuickBooks.

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