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Managing Your MessageDesk Subscription
Managing Your MessageDesk Subscription

Learn how to upgrade your account, cancel your account or downgrade your account.

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In this article, we'll outline how to manage your MessageDesk subscription. This includes upgrading your account or canceling your account.

If you want to downgrade your subscription than you'll need to reach out directly to our support team at

Upgrading Your Account

If you are on a 14-day free trial and want to upgrade your MessageDesk account to one of our subscriptions follow the steps below: (you canview subscription levels here)

  1. Navigate to Settings from the left-side menu

  2. Click "Subscription Settings"

  3. Click "Manage Plan"

  4. You can either choose a custom plan or go to the "Change Plan" menu to look at the other subscription levels.

Once clicking the Manage plan, you'll land on a screen that looks like this:

How to Change your Subscription Level

After going to Settings -> Subscription Settings -> Manage Plan Just click on the "Change Plan" button pictured above.

This brings you to our Choose Plan page:

Click your desired subscription level and then enter your admin password. You have now successfully upgraded your account!

You're now all set up to start sending text messages to your customers. If at any time you wish to edit payment info, change your subscription or view your current MessageDesk set-up just repeat the steps above!

If you would like to downgrade from an annual plan to a monthly plan, get in contact with support and we would be happy to change it for you.


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