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How to Filter the Contacts into a Group
How to Filter the Contacts into a Group

Learn how to segment your contacts using a Filter.

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Filtering groups make it easy to create large groups of contacts for messaging without having to add people one-by-one. This step-by-step tutorial will walk you through how to create your own Filtered Groups:

Before You Create a Filter for your Group:

Be sure to determine how you want to filter your Group. You can group contacts based on:

  • Phone number (All contacts with same area code)

  • Name (All Johns and Janes)

  • Address (contacts with same state, city or zip code)

  • Company Name (contacts in the same company)

  • Invoices (Contacts with open or past due invoices)

  • Custom Fields (Group contacts based on custom fields you specify) [Read: How to Create custom Fields]

Creating a Filter for a Group

  1. Navigate to Groups

  2. Click Create Group Button

  3. Select "Set filters based on contact properties"

  4. Name your Group

  5. Select a Property by which you want your contacts to be filtered by

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