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How to Create and Edit Custom Fields
How to Create and Edit Custom Fields

Learn how to use custom fields to store and edit custom contact information in your MessageDesk workspace.

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Here are just a few examples of the types of custom fields you could create in your MessageDesk workspace:

  1. If you're a landscaper you could add custom fields to contacts, like "Scheduled Service Day" or perhaps "Gate Code".

  2. If you're a nonprofit you could add custom fields like "Last Donation" or "Event RSVP Confirmed".

  3. If you're a medical office you could add custom fields to patients, like "Last Office Visit" or "Next Scheduled Appointment".

  4. If you're an accounting or legal firm you could add custom fields to clients, like "Birthday" or "Document Due Date".

Custom Fields are stored on the Contact in MessageDesk. So, think of it like a custom piece of information that you want to associate with each Contact.

Creating and Edit Custom Fields in Settings

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Plugins -> Custom Fields.

  2. From there, click the 'Add Custom Field' button in the top right corner.

  3. Next, you'll need to give your Custom Field a name and a type. The name is whatever the Field is representing. For example, you can name the field "Gate Code" if you are going to be storing the gate code in this Custom Field. For type, this is the type of data that is going to be stored there. In the case of a gate code, it will be a number. You can also do:

    1. Text

    2. Number

    3. Dropdown

    4. Date

    5. Phone

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