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Using Filtered Groups with Broadcasts
Using Filtered Groups with Broadcasts

Smart groups make it easy to send targeted outreach to your contacts and are a vital tool for marketing campaigns at scale.

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Broadcast are an easy way to reach many contacts at once - making it a great tool for any business looking to spread the word about promotions or upcoming ad campaigns.

But, as a business owner how do you know who to send these Broadcasts too?

In MessageDesk we make it easy to sort contacts into groups based on profile information.

So want to message all your customers from the last 30 days? We can make a filtered group for that and send them a broadcasts.

Importance of Targeting

The name of the game in marketing now is targeting. The more targeted your campaigns, the better they'll perform. 💸

But what is a targeted campaign?

Targeting in marketing simply means you're segmenting your contacts into a group based on the type of message you're sending them.

For example, sending a promotion out? You should target past customers or recent sign-ups.

Or running a specific promotion at a certain location? Target customers in certain area codes who are most likely to come by.

Targeted campaigns combined with the 98% open rate of text messaging is a marketers dream☁️ Read about the top 5 Benefits of Texting here

How to Accomplish Targeting In MessageDesk

You'll accomplish targeted messaging in messageDesk by using a combination of Filtered Groups and Broadcasts.

Filtered Groups allow you to group contacts together based on shared information. Such as all people with a certain area code, last payment date or based on past purchase behavior.

NOTE: You can create Custom Fields in MessageDesk to group contacts by any information you need.

With your query in Filtered Groups, you can target any of the information you have assigned to each contact, including custom fields.

If you are an organization with multiple storefront locations, consider doing a messaging campaign based off of your contacts ZIP code.

Once your Filtered Group is created you'll be able to schedule messages and set up text message campaigns to it through Broadcasts.

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