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Adding Custom Fields to a Form
Adding Custom Fields to a Form

Customize your Forms with the information you need.

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When you create a Contact Form in MessageDesk you can add as many custom fields to it as you'd like.

Custom fields in Contact Forms allow you to request custom information from your contacts alongside the default fields like First Name, Last Name and Email Address.

This way you have complete control over what type of information your contacts provide when the submit the Contact Form.

How to Add Custom Fields to Your Form

  1. Navigate to Plugins -> Forms

  2. Create or Edit a new or existing Contact Form

  3. Navigate to the "Fields" tab

  4. Click "Create New Field"

  5. Give your custom field a name and Input Type

To add a new field, navigate to the "Fields" tab at the top of the Forms page, and select "Create New Field" at the bottom. You can select a Custom Field that you have already created or other options from the dropdown menu.

This is a fantastic way to get information that is specific to your organization.

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