How to Text an Invoice

Learn how to text invoices from MessageDesk.

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Note: Before you can start texting invoices, you'll need to connect to an accounting data provider like QuickBooks Online or Xero. We teach you how to sync QuickBooks Online customers and how to sync Xero contacts in separate support articles.

Quick Guide

How to Text an Invoice

  1. Navigate to the Payments Module -> Invoices once you are connected to and synced with an accounting data provider.

  2. Inside the Invoices Module, you'll find a list of invoices with all Open invoices displaying by default.

  3. To send an open invoice to a single contact, click the vertical ellipsis to the right on the invoice.

  4. Select "Send Invoice" or "Schedule Invoice" to view a preview of your invoice message with placeholder information before it's sent or scheduled.

  5. Your message will send immediately and your recipient will receive a text message containing a link to that invoice.

Note: clicking on the link in the text message will take users directly to your accounting software's payment collection portal.

Note: MessageDesk's current features don’t allow users to create invoices within the app UNLESS you are using MessageDesk Payments for payment processing.

How to Filter Invoices

  1. From the Contacts profile, click on the customer Invoices tab.

  2. The customer invoices tab will display various invoice filter options.

  3. The filter allows you to view your invoices by “Oldest to Newest”, “By Highest Balance”, “By Lowest Balance”, and more.

  4. You can also search for an invoice by Invoice Number.

How to View a Single Contact's Open Invoices

  1. Search for a contact in the global search and click on their contact record to display their contact information.

  2. Click "View Profile" to view the contact information.

  3. Select the Invoices tab.

  4. You will now see a list of invoices that are associated with that given contact.

  5. The Invoice tab displays all open invoices for the contact including the balance amount, and the due date.

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