Typically nonprofits have 2 to 4 active groups they need keep in regular contact with:

  • Donors

  • Volunteers

  • Customers (if the non-profit provides a service to the public to generate funding)

  • Individuals who are the benefactors of the Non-Profit (only if the non-profit serves people directly)

It is likely that all of these different segments of the Non-Profit world will need to contacted separately when messaging them.

That's why we provide group text without reply-all to users. So you can group contacts and message them without losing the privacy of a one-on-one conversation.

Learn more about groups here:

We have 3 types of groups:

Smart Groups:

Contacts are grouped based on logic rules and operators that you create. These rules can apply to custom field values or a contact's profile information.

Example: Group all contacts who attended last month's event

These groups will automatically update as new contacts fit the stated rules.

Smart groups are great for large groups (20+ contacts) or groupings of people that will change over time.

Static Groups:

These are simple groups where you add contacts one-by-one. You can add contacts simply by searching for their first or last name.

Example: I want to add Joe, Susan and Taylor to a group to quickly send them a meeting invite

Static groups only change when you manually add or remove contacts from them.

Static groups are great for groups of 20 or fewer people that won't be changing very often. Hence the word "Static"

Autoresponder Groups:

People get added to and removed from these groups by texting in Keywords.

Example: Text 'RSVP' to Join the Group and text 'LEAVE' to no longer be in the group.

Autoresponder groups are great for organizing groups for events and for advertising upcoming events.

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