How to Create a Group in MessageDesk

learn how to create a group of contacts in MessageDesk

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There's a couple of ways to create groups in MessageDesk. For the purpose of this article I'm going to keep it simple and outline how most users go about making groups.

Usually, groups are made in two different ways.

  1. By Selecting Contacts and Saving them to a Group (what this article is all about)

  2. By Uploading a Spreadsheet into MessageDesk (you can learn how to do this by clicking here)

You can also create groups in some more advanced ways:

  • Filtering Contacts by fields, values or attributes

  • Autoresponder Groups (contacts who were enrolled in an autoresponder campaign)

  • Contact Form Groups (Contacts who submitted a contact form)

I won't cover the advanced ways in this post but you can learn more by going searching for them in our learning center

Selecting Contacts and Adding Them to a Group

You can accomplish this by navigating to "Contacts" then multi-selecting different contacts you want to add to a group. You can narrow down your contact list by searching them by first or last name as well!

Each time you search you'll want to save your current selection to your "Save for Later" list. This will keep these contacts selected as you continue to find other group members.

Once you've saved all the contacts to your "Save for Later" list simply click "Save as Group" to create a group.

After clicking "Create New Group" you'll be prompted to give that group a name. This is how you'll find this group in the Groups Module later on.

After saving your group you'll be brought to the Groups View page where you'll see all the selected members.

You can now quickly message this group by clicking "Send Broadcast"

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