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How to Update Custom Fields with a Spreadsheet Upload
How to Update Custom Fields with a Spreadsheet Upload

How you can update the Custom Fields of all your contacts efficiently with CSV. Update custom fields all at once with a spreadsheet upload

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Updating Custom Fields with a Spreadsheet/CSV file allows for you to edit all of your contacts at once in a bulk-upload.

The first step to doing so is to set up the Custom Field that you would like to use.

Custom fields allow you to customize the contact profile the information.

Once the custom field is created, you'll want to use a spreadsheet to update the field for all your existing contacts.

To start this process simply go to "Settings" then click "Import/Export"

From here click "Export"

When going through the export process, it is necessary that the custom field is included on the export. Your custom fields will appear at the bottom of the export confirmation selection.

After completing your export, the Custom Field column should be empty. For our example, I would enter in "Monday", "Wednesday", etc. for all the contacts desired.

Again, my Custom Field is "Service Day," so I would enter in one of the Custom Field values I created when setting up the Custom Field.

Once you have all of the information you need added to your contacts, it is time to re-upload your CSV.

To upload your CSV, follow the instructions below:

*** It is important to note that in order for your bulk-update of custom fields to work, you must select "Update existing contacts" in the import process. ***

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