Running an IT Services business is a balancing act between technical skill and people management skills. And the disconnect between the two is a lack in communication.

And it doesn't help that the IT is easier to deal with than the people usually 🤷

But that's where MessageDesk comes in. We make it easy to manage service notifications, communicate with customers, get paid faster and, improve your online reputation with online reviews.

Our text messaging lets you notify your clients, build personal connections with existing customers, and increase the likelihood of repeat customers for your business.

Service Notifications as a Team 🔧

There's usually a couple team members involved in any service request. There's the person at the front who manages all the face-to-face interactions with the customer and someone in the back who is completing the service.

With a team Inbox each teammate will be able to update the customer as new issues arise. The benefit of the MessageDesk Team Inbox is every text sent - regardless of who sends it - always comes from your business number.

This way the customer just thinks they are communicating with one person at the business. When in reality your whole team may be contributing to the conversation.

Consider adding another teammate to your MessageDesk account so your team can manage service requests or notify a customer of delays to the original service request without using their personal phone.

{{ Building Name }} is not a default tag that we provide, it is created by creating a Custom Field.

Get More Estimates 💵

Generate more business by encouraging website visitors to text a keyword in to receive a quote or pricing information.

You could post something on your website telling visitors to text "Quote" or "Estimate" to your business number.

From here MessageDesk can trigger an automatic response that has a form to fill out, pdf flyer breaking down your pricing or a prompt asking the contact to respond with more information.

It could look something like this...

Text "ESTIMATE" to ###-###-#### to get a link to our consultation form!

Easy Communication with Clients❗

Email is great for formal conversations. Things like sending and receiving contracts and finalizing paperwork.

But Email isn't the best for real-time back and forth - that's where text messaging comes in.

Text messaging leads to quicker response times, greater client satisfaction, and an increase in your companies efficiency.

In fact, right now your employees are already texting clients. They just use their personal phone number for it. With MessageDesk, all these conversations happen with your dedicated business phone number.

MessageDesk even has call forwarding. You can have phone calls to your MessageDesk number to go to the office or your personal line.

You can always export your conversation from MessageDesk as well to document conversations, track billable hours, etc.

Get Paid Faster 🏇

If you operate with Quickbooks or Xero, it is easy to send invoice reminders and payment links with MessageDesk.

Or you can use our own internal payments to create and send text-able payment links directly to your clients.

When sending a payment link to your clients they can quickly click on it to complete a payment. From here we'll either update your Xero/QuickBooks account directly or directly deposit the funds into your account if you use our payment solution.

Here's what it will look like:

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