Allow contacts to text your business to receive a quote instead of prompting them to "Call us for a quote"

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If you're like most service businesses you're most likely asking people to "call for a quote"

This means you're paying someone to sit and answer the phone all day or even worse you have one of those "Phone-Trees" that nobody likes these days.

Instead, with MessageDesk your customers can simply text your business for a quote.

Once someone text your business line with the word "QUOTE" MessageDesk will then automatically respond with a message of your choice.

In the example below, John's Lawn Central sends customers a Form to fill out after they inquire. This form asks them for their name, email and address so John and his team know which neighborhood the house is in.

When the contact clicks on the link, they open a MessageDesk Form that John has set up in his account.

Once the Form is submitted, it will automatically send the customer another text message. In this example, John has the message ask the customer to reply with which day of the week works best for them to come by and provide an estimate.

This is an example of creating a text tree (similar to phone trees) where customers can reply with different "keywords" to go down different pre-made paths.

Now, without any employee talking to the customer - John has created a lead, found out what day works best for them, and has all their contact information.

Meaning John is set up to either call that leads back and schedule a quote on the calendar or his team can jump into the conversation and reply via text message to finalize a date for the quote.

Either way, MessageDesk made it easy for John and his team to turn website visitors into new leads by allowing them to text-for-quote right from their website.

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