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Media Error: Reducing the Size of Media Files
Media Error: Reducing the Size of Media Files

For larger images that cannot be sent over MMS (2mb or larger), you can try to compress them before uploading them to MessageDesk.

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When sending an MMS, an image has to be under a certain size to be delivered successfully.

Generally, this falls around 2mb. In the case that a message fails because of a file being too big, you can compress an image using the following methods.

  1. Navigate to a compression site.

We prefer to use Squoosh which is free and easy to use.

This site allows to to compress, resize, and even switch the file type.

2. Compress and download your image.

You'll need to download your image once you've uploaded your image to the compression site.

On Squoosh, in the bottom right corner you'll see percentage the image size was reduced by. To the right of that is a button to download your compressed image.

3. Upload your new (and compressed) file to MessageDesk

All that's left is uploading your image to MessageDesk.

If you need help uploading your image to MessageDesk, keep on reading below.

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