Using Text Message Signatures

Insert {{User}} tags to create a personalized message signature.

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When making the switch from traditional email to a business text messaging platform like MessageDesk, you'll be wondering how to adapt each part of your workflow.

One piece of this workflow is a professional email signature.

So how do you add a signature to your text messages?

With MessageDesk you can create a text message signature by turning on your Message Signature in your Settings.

This article details each step to create a custom text message signature for your team.

Enabling your Signature

Signatures are set by the admin for the entire account. Individual users cannot have their own unique signature.

We recommend using tags like {{ User_FirstName }} so that individual who sent the message has their name included in the signature.

  1. Navigate to your Settings.

    Note: You will need to be the admin of the account to enable this feature.

  2. Select Message Signature.

  3. Toggle the Append to Messages to on. This will enable your signature and make it so it is appended to the end of each message you send.

Using the Signature

When you enable your message signature, it will enable the signature for every user in your workspace.

Additionally, it's the same signature for each user in the workspace, individual users cannot have their own unique signature.

By default, the signature is: - {{ User_FirstName }}

This default signature will attach the name of the user who is sending the message. Of course, you can certainly change this signature to be something of your choosing.

We recommend you consider using another tag besides {{ User_ FirstName }}.

You can user the {{ OrganizationName }} tag in order to attach the name of your organization at the end of each message.

Ready to become a {{tag}} master? Check out our article on How to Personalize Your Text Messages with Tags.

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