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How to Personalize Your Text Messages with Tags
How to Personalize Your Text Messages with Tags

Personalize messages with tags, custom field values, or information related to your organization's workspace. {{Insert Tag}} {{tag}}

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Personalization tags make it easy to personalize your messages in conversations. Quickly insert a contact's {{First Name}} (or any other field) right into the message without thinking twice.

How do Personalization Tags work in MessageDesk?

By default, you'll have access to the {{First Name}}, {{Last Name}} and {{Organization Name}} tags when composing a message.

These tags will auto-fill with your contact's first name and last name or add in the organization name under your account.

You can create new personalization tags though by creating new custom fields. Watch the video above to learn how.

Custom Field Tags in Action



What You Can Accomplish with Personalization Tags?

Check out some examples below of how you can use custom fields to personalize your messaging.

Also be sure to check out our list of free templates here: Text Message Templates

Texting Customers?

Hi {{CustomerFirstName}}, Thanks for purchasing {{ProductName}}! We'd love to know what you think of it so far!

Texting with Team Members?

Hi {{FirstName}}, Just sending an update regarding {{AssignedProject}}! Looks like {{TeamName}} has rescheduled the meeting to {{meetingDate}}

Texting with Volunteers?

Hi {{FirstName}}, Thanks for signing up for {{SelectedEvent}}! We are happy to have you on board. If you have any questions reach out to {{EventCoordinator}} at {{EventCoordinatorEmail}} or {{EventCoordinatorPhone}}.

User Tags

With our latest Inbox update, MessageDesk can now auto-fill your user name in any message using the new additions to our tag feature. With three new user-based tags:

  1. {{ User-FirstName }}

  2. {{ User-LastName }}

  3. {{ User-FullName }}

MessageDesk will auto-fill the information of your choice into any message.

Where to find these tags? Navigate to the {{tag}} menu at the bottom of your message compose box, expand User Tags, and tag away!


Ready to use the new User Tags? Head over to our Creating Signatures article to learn how to use User Tags to make your own personal message signature.

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