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"Add-ons" for your subscription in MessageDesk
"Add-ons" for your subscription in MessageDesk

Learn about how different subscription add-on that can extend the limits on your current subscription

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By default, MessageDesk offers 3 base subscription levels. Each subscription level has different "limits" that apply to certain features MessageDesk offers.

These limits apply to the number of Autoresponders, Forms, and Templates your account uses.

If you hit the limit for any of these 3 items, you can update your subscription with add-ons to extend your limit. This way you aren't forced to upgrade to a new plan just to get more of a most-used feature.

By default, add-ons are purchased in bundles of 10 for $10 / month. (Purchase add-ons by logging in to MessageDesk and going to Settings -> Subscription Settings -> Manage Plan)

For example, if you need more message templates you can add 10 templates to your plan for just $10 per month.


Autoresponders are automatic text messages triggered by keywords your contacts send you.

Each keyword you use will count as an "autoresponder". Depending on your subscription, you'll be limited to a certain number of autoresponders.


Forms make it easy to generate conversations and create text subscribers from your website, social media posts, or email threads.

Depending on your plan, you'll be limited to a certain number of forms.

These are also not included in the Operator and Starter plan but again you can buy them separately from those plans.


Templates are pre-saved messages that you can quickly insert into any conversation.

Each template you or your team create will count against your template total. If you need more templates you can add them in bundles of 10 to your account for $10 / mo.

Where to Buy these Add-ons

You can head over to the MessageDesk app and go over to your Settings > Subscription Settings > Manage Plan and it's on the bottom of the page.

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