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How MessageDesk Notifications Work
How MessageDesk Notifications Work

Learn how to set up email, mobile, and desktop notifications for your MessageDesk account

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In this article, I'll go over how MessageDesk notifications work and how you can manage your personal notification settings. Check out the quick guide below to jump to the right section.

How MessageDesk Notifications Work

MessageDesk offers 2 primary types of notifications: Messages & General.

We send notifications to you in 3 different ways. Email, Push notification, and browser. Later in the article, I'll tell you how to manage your notification preferences.

Message notifications include alerts about new messages, updates to conversation assignments, and any updates to your open conversations.

General notifications apply to everything else that's happening in the app. These can be updated about teammates getting set up, files getting uploaded, forms being submitted, or receiving new payments.

Different Types of Notification (Full list of Notifications)

Message Notification Types

  1. Message Received: Your entire team will receive this notification when a new message is received in your account.

  2. Message Failed: The Teammate who tried sending the message will receive this anytime a message fails to deliver.

  3. Message Credit Warning 80%: The Admin of the account will receive this notification when their account has used 80% of free credits

  4. Broadcast Completed: The teammate who sent the Broadcast will receive this notification when a sent broadcast is completed.

General Notifications (By Module)

  • Autoresponders Notifications

    • Autoresponder Submission: Triggered to all teammates whenever a contact sends in a keyword and subscribes to an autoresponse

    • Autoresponder Activated: Sent to the Admin when an Autoresponder is set to "Active"

    • Autoresponder Paused: Sent to the Admin when an Autoresponder is set to "Paused"

  • Forms

    • Form Submission: Sent to all users when a form is submitted by a contact

  • Payment Invoices

    • Payment Received: Sent to Admin when a new payment is received in MessageDesk

  • Chatbot

    • Chatbot Submission: Sent to all users when a chatbot gets a submission

  • Users

    • User Activated: Sends to the admin user when a teammate successfully creates their MessageDesk account

    • User Removed: Sent to the admin when a user is successfully removed from an account

    • Successful Password Reset: Sent to any user after they successfully reset their password

Update Notification Preferences

At any point, you can update your notification preferences by clicking on the notification bell in the top right corner of the app. Then click "see all notifications".

NOTE: When editing your notification preferences, you're only updating your personal settings. These changes will have no effect on your other teammates.

After clicking "See All Notifications" you'll land in the notification center. Here, to update your notification preferences just click "Notification Settings" in the top right corner.

Now, you'll be able to customize how you receive different notifications. By toggling "Email", "Browser" and "Push Notifications" on or off you'll be able to customize how MessageDesk notifies you.


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