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Automation is key. Learn how to set up automated messages and easily gather information and subscribers from your MessageDesk account.

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Every organization is different.

But that doesn't mean they don't have things in common.

One thing every organization has in common is the urge to save time and increase productivitiy.

With MessageDesk Campaigns, you're one step closer to accomplishing this.

With Campaigns, you can automate certain parts of your messaging.

Here are the campaigns we currently offer:

  1. Autoresponders- Automate responses based on keywords or phrases

  2. Forms- Update your contact's info from a web form and trigger an automatic reply

  3. Chatbot- Start conversations with website visitors

  4. Office Hours- Automate out-of-office messages when you receive a message after hours

In this article, I'll provide a brief overview of each campaign and provide links to more in-depth explanations and tutorials.


Automate replies to contacts based on keywords or phrases they message you with.

Once a contact interacts with an Autoresponder, they'll automatically be added or removed from a group. This makes it easy to run text messaging campaigns or organize your Inbox using views.

  • Need to direct text traffic to your scheduling page?

  • Want your clients to be able to confirm or reschedule appointments without the need for a scheduler?

These are just 2 of many ways you can use Autoresponders in your workflow. The possibilities are endless!

Here's an image showing the meat & potatoes of Autoresponders ⬇️

As the image demonstrates, you can customize your autoresponders to send a response of your choice triggered by any keyword.

Ready to learn how to use Autoresponders for your needs? Refer to this learning center article all about Autoresponders.


Forms make it easy to start conversations and generate text subscribers from any website, social media post, or email thread.

As demonstrated in the image above, forms can be styled to your liking and can contain any field(s) of your choice.

After a visitor completes the form, they will automatically receive a customized follow-up message to confirm their subscription or to thank them for their response. Pretty powerful stuff, right?! 😱

Check out our Contact Form Overview article from our Learning Center to learn how to create and manage Forms of your own.


The Chatbot campaign allows your website visitors to easily start conversations with your team through your shared MessageDesk inbox.

The Chatbot can be deployed on any website and will suggest your visitors to complete the form with fields of your choice. Check out this example on the website of American Housekeeping. ⬇️

Once a visitor completes the form fields, the information will automatically be brought into your team's MessageDesk inbox as a new conversation thread, where you can message the acquired lead directly.

Sold? Let's get into the nitty-gritty details and how-to's of Chatbot in our Chatbot Overview article.

Office Hours

An out-of-office message is automatically sent to anyone who texts you and your team outside of specified hours of operation or availability.

When a contact texts you during "closed", "unavailable", or "non-operational" hours, they will receive a custom message on behalf of your team. Here's an example of what that would look like from the client's perspective. ⬇️

Out-of-office texts can be extremely valuable to set expectations for your contacts and to let them know when your team is available for messaging.

Wondering how office hours can be customized? Here's a helpful illustration:

Office hours allow you to specify your customized out-of-office response by certain days and hours of operation, all based on your time zone.

How do you set this feature up? Follow the steps on our Office Hours learning center article to become an Office Hour master.

We hope you love our Campaigns just as much as we do!

P.S. We'd love to hear your thoughts about these campaigns, or just about anything we offer here at MessageDesk. Click the button below to leave your suggestions!

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