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Conversation Status Explained: Open, New, Waiting, Replied, Closed.
Conversation Status Explained: Open, New, Waiting, Replied, Closed.

MessageDesk organizes conversations by "Status". In this article, we'll go over those different statuses.

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MessageDesk organizes conversations in 3 ways:

  1. Conversation Status

  2. Assigned Teammate

  3. Date Received

At any point you can organize your inbox based on the 3 properties by creating an inbox filter. You can also assign multiple conversations to a teammate at once by selecting multiple conversations.

In this article we'll focus on Conversation Status.

Conversation Status Explained

When you first open the inbox, you'll see that it's organized into 2 primary sections: Open Conversations and Closed Conversations.

  • Open Conversations: by default, every conversation is in your "Open" section. A conversation stays "Open" until you manually mark it as "Closed"

  • Closed Conversations: "Closed" conversations stay closed until 1 of 2 things occur:

    • The contact sends you a New message. At this point the conversation is automatically marked Open and gets a "New message" indicator

    • You or your team manually mark a conversation as "Open".

Open Conversations

Open conversations can be classified into 1 of 3 categories or 'Statuses':

New: Anytime you receive a new text message, it will be marked as "New" and automatically moved to your "Open" conversations.

Waiting: When a "NEW" conversation was viewed by a teammate but not replied to. i.e. the contact is waiting for a reply from your team.

Replied: When your team has replied to a conversation but not yet Closed the Conversation

Marking a Conversation as Closed:

By default, your Inbox will only show "Open" conversations. Once a conversation is over, you can remove it from your Inbox by marking it as "Closed."

Mark multiple conversations closed by selecting the conversations you want to edit and clicking on "Mark as closed."

Close individual conversations when you are in the message feed by selecting the checkmark in the top left of any conversation.

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