Interact with Multiple Conversations at Once

Select multiple conversations at once from the inbox to quickly assign them, send a message or make bulk updates

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In the MessageDesk Inbox, you can quickly update multiple conversations at once by multi-select.

Once conversations are selected, you'll be able to:

  • Assign them to teammates

  • Move them to an Inbox View

  • Send all selected conversations a message

  • Mark selected conversations as "New"

How to Select Multiple Conversations in the Inbox

First, Click the 'Select' button and select conversations

Second, Select an bulk action from the menu on the right

Need more information on the various "actions"? Check out the resources below:

  1. Mark as Closed/Open: This moves the conversation(s) to your 'Closed' tab. To learn more about conversation status read this article.

  2. Assign to a Teammate: This will assign the conversation(s) to a user in your account. To learn more about assigning conversation(s), read this article.

  3. Move to a View: This will move the conversation(s) to a segmented portion of your inbox. To learn more about views read this article.

  4. Mark as New: This will mark a conversation as if it hadn't been read previously. To learn more about conversation statuses, read this article.

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