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Setting up Autoresponder Text-Trees or Text Chains
Setting up Autoresponder Text-Trees or Text Chains

Learn how to set up autoresponder chains to take advantage of MessageDesk's marketing capabilities.

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Autoresponders make it easy to automate text message replies based on keywords. Once a contact text back with a keyword they automatically get added to a group as well.

In this article, we'll walk through "chaining" autoresponders together.

"Chaining" autoresponders together allow your contacts to sort themselves into groups for targeted marketing campaigns.

If you have never set up autoresponders in-app before, I suggest reading the article below before proceeding.

Before we dive into setting up chains I've put together an example below. In this example, we're a business with multiple locations that want to organize their customers by the location they visit.

At first, everyone starts at the same spot. In this case, the start point is text 1 where the keyword is "OFFER"

Once a customer replies with "OFFER" we will automatically ask them to tell us what city/location they visit most.

For the chain below, the goal is to separate customers into marketing groups for the location they frequent most.

How it Looks from the Customers Perspective

How it Works:

The first step is to set up the initial autoresponder that customers would engage with. This is the phrase you would advertise in your store, your website, or in any other environment. This may look something like "Text OFFER to 775-999-9999."

From there, the customer will begin their journey down the texting chain as pictured above. In my autoresponder, the code I used is OFFER.

It is recommended that you create a chart of your "autoresponder chain" that looks like the image above even if it is just on a sticky note/piece of paper.

The first message I set up to send out is:

Hey, {{ FirstName }}! We hope you like saving money! What city is your favorite location in? Text back the corresponding letter! 
(A) City 1
(B) City 2

My second message for City 1 appeared as:

Nice! Now, what location do you like the most in City 1? Text back the number next to your favorite location!
1) Location 1
2) Location 2

For City 2 it is:

We love to see it! Now, what location do you visit most frequently in City 2? Go ahead and text back the number next to your favorite location. 
3) Location 3
4) Location 4

When all is said and done, this is what the final product should look like in action:

Hope you get to use some texting chains in the near future!!

Try it out:

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