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Learn more about automating support, meeting confirmations and feedback collection

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Autoresponders are automatic text messages triggered by keywords your contacts send you.

Automated text messages are great for saving time and reaching a lot of people. You can now set up autoresponse text messages triggered by keywords in MessageDesk.

You can watch me go over Autoresponders in a quick video below or feel free to keep reading to get the full scoop!

Quick Read Guide:

How Autoresponders Work

When a contact texts your MessageDesk phone number with the keyword, they automatically get a text message back.

It looks something like this:

Texting your keyword will also auto-assign that contact to a specific contact group associated with that keyword/autoresponder. This makes it easy to follow up and send more messages to contacts who have responded and opted-in to messaging related to your autoresponder campaign.

Ways You Can Use Autoresponders

Autoresponders are great for a number of things like customer service, marketing campaigns, self-help, and more. I've listed my personal favorites below:

1. Automated Appointment Scheduling

Great if you advertise "Call to schedule" on your website right now. With Autoresponders, you can say "Text SCHEDULE to {your phone line}" to automate your scheduling

2. Appointment Confirmations or Rescheduling

Once an appointment is scheduled send a reminder texts that prompts your client to respond with CONFIRM or RESCHEDULE. This way clients can quickly tell you they are coming or find a new time without disturbing your front desk.

3. Automated Customer Support

Set up a keyword for "SUPPORT" that when texted in causes an autoresponse with different support resources

4. Text-Subscriber List

Set up a text-club where contacts can message you "SUBSCRIBE" to join your exclusive text club. This is super easy to create (in fact all MessageDesk users get this autoresponder when they sign up πŸ‘ )

5. Collect Feedback

Set up autoresponders for each number 1-10 and start collecting feedback from customers.

How to Create an Autoresponder

Creating an Autoresponder is easy - simply log in then navigate to Autoresponders under Campaigns on the left side navigation.

Then just click "New Autoresponder" button in the top right of the module

From here you just have to fill out the Autoresponder Create Form as follows (I break down each field below)

Name: This is the name of your Autoresponder that you and teammates can find it by. This name is only viewable inside of MessageDesk so your contacts won't ever see it

Assigned Group: This is the group you want contacts added to when they interact with an autoresponder. You can select an existing group or just type in a new group name and click "enter" to create a new group.

Keyword: This is the keyword message your contact needs to text in order to get the Autoresponse. Once they send in the Keyword MessageDesk will automatically add them to the Assigned Group.

Keyword Response: This is the Autoresponder message your contact will receive once they text the Keyword. This can be customized with Tags or emojis to keep the message personal and fun. Or pull in a template if you already have a message you like saved.

Unsubscribe Keyword: This is the opt-out keyword your contact needs to text in order to leave the Assigned Group. This is a great way to manage your subscriber list - think of it as a Unsubscribe button you'd typically see on an email.

Unsubscribe Response: This is the autoresponse a contact receives after unsubscribing. We suggest you tell the contact what "unsubscribing" means and what steps to take to re-subscribe. I.e. tell them what keyword to reply with.

How to Pause and Delete an Autoresponder

Click on an autoresponder to view its information. Once open, you'll see three options to edit, pause, and delete the autoresponder in the upper right-hand corner.

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