Setting Up Your SMS Autoresponder Text Campaign

Don't want to spend all that time putting people into groups manually?

Set up an autoresponder keyword to automatically segment your contacts into groups.

What is an Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a type of text message campaign that gets triggered when a contact texts a certain keyword. The keyword triggers an automated response and automatically puts the contact into a group.

How to Create an Autoresponder Text:

  1. Navigate to the Autoresponders module

  2. Click New Autoresponder

  3. Name your Autoresponder

  4. Assign a group

  5. Enter a keyword

  6. Type your keyword response

  7. Enter an unsubscribe keyword

  8. Type your unsubscribe keyword response

1. Navigate to the Autoresponders Module in MessageDesk

2. Click the Green + New Autoresponder Button to Create a New Autoresponder

3. Give Your Autoresponder a Descriptive Name.

This is only for your own reference.

4. Select the group you'd like associated with this autoresponder.

When a contact texts your autoresponder keyword, they'll get added to a group.

5. Create a Keyword Trigger

Keywords trigger an autoresponse. When a contact texts your MessageDesk number with the given keyword, they'll automatically get a response.

6. Type Your Keyword Response

Use the message compose features to apply a template, emojis, tags, or even attach media. This is the response a contact will receive once they text your autoresponder keyword.

7. Create an Unsubscribe Keyword

When a contact texts this keyword, they'll automatically stop receiving messages from this keyword group.

8. Type Your Unsubscribe Keyword Response

This is the autoresponse a contact will receive once they text your unsubscribe keyword.

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