Interested in text messaging but not sure who on your team will manage it all?

Autoresponders are automatic text messages that are triggered by keywords. They save time by allowing you to reach a lot of people while generating 1-on-1 conversations.

They can be useful to engage with the individuals whom you provide services to. They can also be used to maintain relationships with donors or volunteers.

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They are extremely useful because not only can you provide automated responses to keywords, they will also be sorted into groups that you choose. This can be useful if you want respondents to be put into an existing group or a new one so you can interact with those people again.

Donors, volunteers, prospective volunteers, and individuals you serve can all be kept in separate groups. Being sorted into groups from Autoresponders lets you engage with all of those different people in different ways.

Here is the template I used to craft this message:

Hey {{ FirstName }}, thank you for subscribing! We will send you regular updates on how to help us do what we do. Donate here: [LINK] - {{ OrganizationName }}

Chain texts:

There is also an ability with autoresponders to chain them together to sort respondents into particular groups and sub-groups.

The first autoresponder puts everyone in the same group of those who want to donate, similar to the template above. The only difference is, you want the respondent to text you back another keyword so you can gather more information.

It may look something like this:

Hey {{ FirstName }}, thank you for subscribing! Donate here: [LINK] 
Are you planning on donating (text back the corresponding letter):
A) $100+
B) Below $100

This process can go as long as you would like. It is a fine line of how many times is the respondent willing to text back and the amount of information you want to gather.

Regardless, it is a great way to collect information and gain the ability to target particular sects of you market (such as high-dollar and low-dollar donors).

If you want more detailed instructions on how to create chain texts:

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