Here's why your practice's no-show rate is high and probably increasing:

In a recent survey, 53% of people said they forgot to attend or cancel their appointment. Another 28% said they wrote down the wrong date or time, and 24% blamed traffic or work.

You can’t control traffic or work conflicts. However, you can do something about the 81% of missed appointments due to forgetfulness or miscommunication.

Why Phone call and Email reminders don't work

Missed appointments are the burden that every medical office deals with on a daily basis. So why rely on ineffective messaging to send your reminders?

76% of patients report they don’t like talking on the phone so they just simply won't answer it.

Alternatively, you could leave a voicemail, but there’s no way of knowing when someone will listen to it. In fact, texting is 7 times more likely to get a response than leaving a voicemail.

And don't even get me started on email - 70% of emails never get opened. And out of the 30% that do get opened there's no guarantee it's opened the same day it's received.

So what's the solution? Text messaging.

98% of text messages get opened immediately and 67% of patients prefer texting over email or calling.

Texting is the best way to remind someone of an appointment - I mean how many unopened emails do you have vs texts messages on a daily basis?

How to Start Texting Appointment Reminders

Texting appointment reminders in MessageDesk is simple. First you'll just need your contacts/patients uploaded into your account.

From here, Simply go to the Inbox and click "new message". You'll search for the desired patient and then you'll type your message.

If you send appointment reminders all the time - try saving the text as a template so you can quickly re-use it in new messages.

Once the message is ready simply click the calendar icon to schedule your text

Example Appointment Reminder Messaging Template

This is a HIPAA compliant template that you can use for your practice in MessageDesk today:

You have an appointment with {{ OrganizationName }} on [ date ] at [ time ]. Reply “yes” to confirm or “no” to cancel. Please call our office at {{ OrganizationPhone }} if you have any questions or need to reschedule. P.S. Don’t forget to bring your insurance card.

*** This message is HIPAA compliant since it does not include any PHI (Personal Health Information) ***

*** Before messaging patients with MessageDesk, read our guide to messaging while remaining HIPAA compliant ***

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