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How to Create a Text Message Template
How to Create a Text Message Template

Learn how create, edit and save text message templates in MessageDesk.

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Templates are pre-saved messages that you can quickly insert into any conversation.

Templates are shared across your workspace, meaning it's a great way to standardize your message across your team. Avoiding typos and making it easier to get the right message sent to the right person.

Need some free text message templates? Copy and paste from our free list!

How to Create a Text Message Template in MessageDesk

  1. Select “Templates” from the navigation

  2. Click "+ New Template" button

  3. Give your text message template a name

  4. Add body copy to your template by typing your message and inserting a {{tag}} and emoji.

  5. Once you're satisfied with your templated message, select "Save".

Your new text message template will now be added to your list of existing templates. 🎉

How to Edit a Text Message Template

  1. To edit a text message template, visit the templates module.

  2. Select the text message template you want to edit.

  3. Edit the template name, personalization tags, and the template body.

  4. Click "Save" to update the template with your new content.

How to Insert a Template Into a Text Message

You can insert a text message template to any text conversation when composing a message.

  1. To insert a template click the "Tt" icon in the message compose dialog box.

  2. Search for or select your template.

  3. Once you select your template it will automatically insert into the message compose box.

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