In the current version of the Zapier integration, you can only trigger events to happen in MessageDesk.

In other words, MessageDesk cannot trigger actions to happen in another app.

There are 3 events you can trigger in MessageDesk with Zapier. You can:

  1. Add or Update a Contact

  2. Add Contact to Group

  3. Send Message to a Contact

You need to set up Zapier to trigger one of these actions to happen based on something that happens in another app you use. You also will be able to transfer data from a platform you use into MessageDesk.

For example:

1. Add or Update a Contact

When you are updating or adding a contact to MessageDesk there are only two required fields.

  1. Contact Phone Number

  2. Your MessageDesk Workspace

For this Zap that I created, I set it to add or update a contact in MessageDesk when a new lead is created in Intercom.

The only field I need to select from Intercom to be transferred to MessageDesk is the Phone Number on file in Intercom.

I also selected the workspace I use in MessageDesk (most people usually have only one workspace).

2. Add Contact to a Group

When you are adding a contact to a group, three required fields need to be filled out to successfully complete the action.

These include:

  1. Phone Number

  2. Your MessageDesk's Workspace

  3. The Group you would like the Contact to be added to.

MessageDesk will use a phone number to identify the Contact you want to move to a Group.

This is ideally used as a second step after Adding or Updating a Contact in MessageDesk like the previous item.

3. Send Message to a Contact

One of the most exciting MessageDesk featured with Zapier is the ability to send a message to a Contact.

There are 3 fields that must be filled out to complete this action.

  1. Phone Number

  2. The text of the message you want to send (this can include data from the place where the action is triggered).

  3. The workspace you are using

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