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How to Setup Call Forwarding From Your MessageDesk Phone Number
How to Setup Call Forwarding From Your MessageDesk Phone Number

Learn how to forward inbound phone calls from your MessageDesk number to your existing business line.

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What is Call Forwarding?

Anytime someone calls your MessageDesk phone number we will forward that call to a phone number of your choice.

This article will go over how you can edit this phone number and manage your call forwarding.

Will Call Forwarding work on a hosted number?

No, it will not work on a hosted number since MessageDesk does not have control of the voice features for the number.

A hosted number is one where MessageDesk has only taken over the messaging portion of the number. This is commonly done so that an existing business number can be text-enabled without impacting the current voice setup.

Setting your Call Forwarding Number

This section is for users that would like to edit call forwarding from an already existing account. The good news is that adding this feature is just as easy as it is during the initial setup.

1. From the left side menu click Settings

2. Find Account and Phone Settings

3. Hit the Set Up Call Forwarding Number button

4. Enter your desired phone number

5. Click Save and you're all set!

Change your Call Forwarding Number

1. Navigate to your Settings menu

2. Find Account and Phone Settings

3. Click the Remove Call Forwarding Number button

4. Repeat the steps at the beginning of the article to set up your call forwarding number.

Call Forward Tracking

Anytime MessageDesk forwards a call from your account we will send you a notification and log that call under the contact's messages.

This way you know what calls come from MessageDesk and what calls are direct dials.

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